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Speed is a skill, and just like any other skill it can be taught, it can be developed, and it can be improved through a systematic and progressive training approach.


There are four elements of multi-directional speed training:


  • Quickness

  • Active Speed

  • Reactive Speed

  • Complex Speed


The DMS pro system will improve your reactive and active speed, your footwork and how to accelerate and decelerate instantaneously to get away from your opponent and get to the ball first! The DMS speed training methodology has been tried, tested and proven in various sports and at all levels of the game.


Many athletes have asymmetrical movement patterns and are over-dominant on one side of their body, which makes them slow to react, slow to turn and more at risk to injury. The DMS programme works in all three planes of motion and works both sides of the body equally so you are less reliant on forward movement and increases movement efficiency.


Dynamic neuromuscular training combined with sport specific exercises are the best way for any athlete to get fast and stay fast. DMS Speed provides extensive and progressive training sessions in a detailed coaching manual. DMS can be incorporated into your overall training plan and you can work at an intensity and level that is specific to you. Monitor your progression with the bench mark test and see a big difference in just 6 weeks.

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