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DMS training improves neuromuscular efficiency and the range of speeds set by the Central Nervous System (CNS). This helps an athlete attain optimum reactive performance of any activity as it improves the speed of the muscle and the motor unit.


The ultimate goal of DMS is to improve the reaction time of the motor units in the CNS through eccentric deceleration, dynamic balance/stabilisation and concentric acceleration.


'Effective speed' is the ability to regulate acceleration and deceleration and the ability to produce maximum speed of movement. The speed of muscular exertion is limited by neuromuscular coordination. This means that the body will move most effectively and efficiently within the range of speed that the nervous system has been programmed to allow. So the priority is not strength work on the muscle, but improving the firing sequence of the motor unit.


DMS Speed provides extensive and progressive training sessions in a detailed coaching manual for athletes who want to develop quickness and explosiveness. DMS can be incorporated into the overall training plan to develop movement patterns, explosiveness & quick feet in the first three to five metres. This methodology will work both within your academy set-up and your 1st team athletes.


Ability to turn faster

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