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DMS Coach


Course Overview

Get certified to train and coach using the Dynamic Movement Skills™ training system.  Attendees will learn how to work with individuals or groups of various ages and abilities  - from 5 year-olds to elite athletes.   It will cover the fundamental movements universal to all 3 training concepts (Kids, Speed & Rehab) with a focus on the Kids and Speed training concepts.


This course will provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the background, research, coaching methodology and practical applications of Dynamic Movement Skills™.


It is a very practical-based course with lots of physical participation in order that applicants can fully understand the physical effects and benefits of this training system.






Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation


Course Overview

This course will take you through a unique and functional approach to re- habilitation and will focus on re-educating movement patterns interrupted after injury, surgery or inactivity. You will learn a series of functional tech- niques that you can immediately use in your practice.


This movement re-patterning methodology has been developed to edu- cate the neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems, not only on how to move, but how fast to move thereby enhancing movement efficiency, movement performance and injury prevention.


First, you will learn to analyse movement patterns using the DMS Functional Movement Analysis. This will teach you how to spot uncontrolled , ineffi- cient and compensatory movement.


You will then learn a series of techniques and exercises that are designed to correct the firing sequence within the CNS, correct the transition time within the CNS, develop motor control and improve overall functional movement. The movements are progressive from simple-to-advanced patterns and from low-level-to-high-level. You will learn and experience basic movement re-education to functional neuromuscular stimulation, to dynamic movement development.


It is a very practical-based course with lots of physical participation in order that you can fully understand the correct technique and experience the physical effects of the movements. 







DMS Kids Movement Coach


Course Overview

We believe that walking, running and multi-directional movement are important “Life skills” that are not taught in schools. We need to teach children good movement skills and then re-teach them better movement as they grow and develop. It’s not just for the kids that do sport, its movement for ALL!


This course is for coaches & teachers who want to teach Movement Education, Motor Skill Development and Running Technique to young people.


Based on 20 years of research and coaching experience, this course covers both the theoretical and practical application of what to observe, what to change and how to coach movement and running, teaching children to become physically competent in running and fundamental movement skills.

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