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DMS Coach Certification

Core Module




1 Day



Who is it For?


This course is for coaches, teachers, health, fitness and sports professionals

who work in the field of movement enhancement in kids and adults: 


  • PE Teachers

  • Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists     

  • Rehabilitation Specialists & Sports Therapists

  • Sports Scientists & Physiologists

  • Sports Coaches and Strength & Conditioning Coaches

  • Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainer



Course Overview


Get certified to train and coach using the Dynamic Movement Skills™ training system.  Attendees will learn how to work with individuals or groups of various ages and abilities  - from 5 year-olds to elite athletes.   It will cover the fundamental movements universal to all 3 training concepts (Kids, Speed & Rehab) with a focus on the Kids and Speed training concepts. 



This course will provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the background, research, coaching methodology and practical applications of Dynamic Movement Skills™.



It is a very practical-based course with lots of physical participation in order that applicants can fully understand the physical effects and benefits of this training system.



** To learn rehabilitation methods using DMS, there is a separate 1 day course focusing on DMS Rehabilitation.  The DMS Certification course is a prerequisite for the DMS Rehabilitation course.



Course Objectives


  • Understand of the research behind DMS

  • Understand the theory of movement re-education , development of Gross motor skills & training the nervous system

  • Understand the current  problems with movement in adults and children

  • Gain an understanding of dominant & non-dominant development

  • Understand the theory and practical application of plyometrics

  • Demonstrate and coach DMS Fundamental Movements

  • Observe, correct and test movement inefficiencies

  • Lead a coaching session for both  individuals and groups

  • Learn to coach kids movement

  • Learn to coach speed for athletes

  • Learn to develop gross motor skills, coordination, agility, quick feet & dynamic balance in children and adults

  • Provide safe and effective warm-up and cool down procedures for DMS session


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