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Every child develops movement in different ways and we believe that every child can develop to be the best they can be, if they are taught how.


At the Running School we believe that our children should be educated in both the body and mind, not just from the neck upwards. Movement Skills education and practice are proven to be just as important as reading and writing for the development of our brain cells.


Most children develop their movement at school playtime or in a family environment with siblings or parents who encourage them to play games and spend time outside. But not all children have the same level of coordination or fitness and they may develop slower than their peers and have difficulty mastering certain movements. Consequently many children lose confidence and are put off participating in games and sport at an early age.


For example, two 10 year olds, who are chronologically the same age may have a difference of 3 years in terms of motor skill development because one is slower to develop and the other is advanced for their age group. The Dynamic Movement Skills™ System addresses this issue as well as further developing movement to prepare kids for competitive sport. It provides the opportunity to develop these skills irrespective of their level of development.


DMS Junior System (ages 5-10) helps to develop, improve and refine gross motor skills, and through this helps to develop coordination, quick feet, balance and body control, which are important components in all sporting activities.


DMS Youth System (ages 11-14) is a progression of the Junior System and is used to develop speed, quickness, co-ordination, dynamic balance, core control and explosiveness.


DMS Pro System (15+) is a progression on the Junior system and is used to develop speed, quickness, co-ordination, dynamic balance, core control and explosiveness and is used by elite football, handball, basketball and multidirectional sportsmen and women.

Benefits of using the DMS System:

Develops gross motor skills

Improves Balance

Improves co-ordination

Improves concentration


Suitable for all ages

Better body control


Increases confidence

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