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Dynamic Movement Skills Upper Body

We are pleased to announce the launch of the New Dynamic Movement Skills Methodology for Upper Body Movement.

DMS-Upper Body is the new Module  of our Dynamic Movement Skills Methodology

The DMS-UB Module has been developed to progress patients and athletes with Upper body restrictions, injuries and pain. We go through a series of movement patterns designed to improve mobility, transmission time and firing sequence of the Central Nervous System to improve functional movement and correct inefficient movement patterns. The progression is from basic Movement re-education to functional neuromotor stimulation and then to dynamic movement.

We do this through a series of functional exercises that are designed to stimulate and re-educate and re-train the proprioceptive system.

The movement combinations are endless and deliver important and lasting changes to the neuromuscular system.

What is Dynamic Movement Skills?

Dynamic Movement Skills is a training methodology that helps to re-educate the movement patterns interrupted after injury, surgery and due to pain. This happens by stimulating the neuropathways and the proprioceptive system to inhibit the pain and change inefficient or interrupted movement patterns and compensations into more functional and efficient movement. The overriding factor is the importance of having a functional approach to the movement of the individual and working through range of motion.

DMS For Rehabilitation is an integral part of the Rehabilitation to Performance Road Map.

Upper Body DMS mat design.png

Our Rehabilitation Philosophy is based on The Five Phases of Rehabilitation

  1. Biomechanical and Movement Analysis

  2. Kinetic Chain Restructure

  3. Motor Control Re-Patterning

  4. Return to Play and High Intensity

  5. Recovery & Maintenance

The DMS-UB methodology and movement re-patterning exercises, are designed to provide a functional rehabilitation program which addresses:

  • Proprioceptive awareness

  • Pain Inhibition

  • Restoration of Mobility

  • Restoration of Dynamic Stability

  • Reactive Muscle Activation

  • Functional Movement

  • Return to athletic competition

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