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Our aim is to improve the fundamental movement skills of all children and in doing so provide for them a good foundation for an active and healthy life. We support getting kids active and healthy by engaging them through movement, fitness and fun interaction. We believe that children should be encouraged to do physical activity every day and that having a fun and inclusive environment is the best method of encouraging this.




We teach “Movement” we work with a range of different age groups - from young Children to elite athletes and everyone in between! We teach movement after Injury or surgery, we teach Kids how to move more efficiently and athletes how to move faster! Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is a product of The Running School. We teach adults and children efficient and effective running biomechanics, balance and help them to develop speed through our unique coaching protocols.

Mike is the founder and Coaching Director of The Running School and Dynamic Movement Mike has been a coach for 30 years and has worked as a coach in the UK, Europe and the USA teaching his training methodologies.


He has worked with a number of professional athletes and clubs from different sports including soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis and track and field. He is a qualified UEFA A Licensed Coach, Speed Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist. He has worked as a coach at professional and academy level in the UK and Europe and works as a coaching consultant for professional football and Rugby clubs as well as track and field athletes in the UK and the USA.


Mike runs coaching workshops and seminars, on Dynamic Movement, Speed and Power Development, Rehabilitation and Long Term Development of Soccer Athletes, and is a guest lecturer at Sheffield University and St Mary’s University on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation techniques. He has developed a number of performance and rehabilitation programmes and protocols.


Mike is the author of the DVD on developing speed in football called “Feel the Speed” and the co- author of “101 Fitness Exercises for 7-11 year Olds” and “101 Fitness Exercises for 12-16 year Olds”.

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