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Getting kids involved in group activity and sports teams is an important part of their development both physically and cognitively. The challenge for many coaches is keeping kids engaged and participating in sport into adulthood. As children and teenagers grow, many of them go through stages where they may lack coordination, agility and fluidity of their movement. This breakdown in their movement patterns can often lead to children dropping out of competitive play due to embarrassment and lack of confidence in their physical competence.


DMS provides children the ability to progress at their own pace and master the fundamental movement skills to participate in competitive sport. It helps to develop core balance, quickness and agility which are important components in whichever sport they choose to do. The group movement sessions are fun, fast and the movement combinations are endless.


DMS is an age appropriate and sport specific activity which fits into the Long Term Athletic Development guidelines and multi-skills approach. It helps prepare children for a fitter future.


Benefits of using the DMS System:


Increases confidence

Better body control

Suitable for all ages


Improves concentration

Improves co-ordination

Improves Balance

Develops gross motor skills

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