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Speed is a skill and just like any skill it can be taught and improved through regular practice. We have used the DMS methodology with young athletes to to professional athletes  in a variety of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, cricket, hockey, boxing and other sports with fantastic results!


Using the DMS methodology as part of the overall training programme will make dramatic improvements to your athletes’ speed. DMS is progressive and allows children to work as a team whilst encouraging each individual to progress at their own pace.


The system provides extensive training sessions in a detailed coaching manual for young athletes who want to develop quickness and explosiveness. It helps to develop core balance, quickness and agility which are important components whatever sport they choose to do. The movement combinations are endless!


The DMS System is simply the most complete training methodology that exists for the development of speed, explosiveness, agility, quick feet and turning ability. It works in all three planes of motion and in all directions.

Ability to turn faster


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